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My Opinion on Kitchen Cabinets

You may have heard the rule of thumb that a kitchen remodel should be no more than 15% of a house’s value or that cabinets are all the same, company to company so why not use box stores? These are well intended pieces of advice that can either save you from a bad investment, or prevent you from getting a quality kitchen that would make you happy for what you could afford.

Right now we are in an information era unlike anything before. You can walk into a store and pick out a camera or TV knowing the specs, price range and reviews all upfront before even being greeted by a sales person. That’s technology, that’s searching brand names. Unfortunately, you have to dig a little deeper with Cabinetry, especially kitchen cabinets. There are so many aspects of value that aren’t spoken about. Anti-slam drawers versus drawers on roller slides. Soft-close hinges versus regular. Box construction, door thickness, wood quality, accessibility and most importantly, customer support. Did you ask if there are mistakes, how long it takes to order in their materials to remedy the issue? Or if they have a cabinet warranty or repair service? Also, with the internet, comes the free sharing of ideas. Houzz has become a prominent encyclopedia of cabinet storage ideas, styles categorized and illustrated plainly with pictures worth a thousand words. Now, people surf the images online first, see an inspired idea and want to incorporate that into their kitchen design. You want a company that can build you that without having to charge you a huge fee because they have to have it built elsewhere. At Heritage Mill Works, we are a small business that has prided itself with using quality materials that we test and re-test. We have many years of experience and can tell when a new item on the market is just over-priced junk versus a game-changer. We’ve used materials that have weathered many families and we’ve heard feedback on things we’ve installed over a decade prior. This gives us great insight on what real quality means. We are also a member of this community and rely heavily on word of mouth. We don’t burn our customers and move on when things get tough. That’s not our way. And finally, our shop foreman is a master craftsman who has designed and built kitchen add-ons that are so well made, they become the focal point of the entire home. Anyone can throw together some boxes and call it a kitchen, but if you really want a return on investment, if you want to be in a kitchen that is living art and a testament to both function and form, please call us today and lets make that happen! Humbly yours, Katie- Sales Associate at Heritage Mill Works Ltd.


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